7 Ways to Nurture Your Mental Health with Grand Forks Public


People come to the library for a number of reasons—to discover something new, to escape with a great story, to meet new people, to simply be a part of the community’s living room. We call ourselves “a playground for curious minds,” and allowing your mind to play is a perfect way to de-stress and give your brain a break. It’s good for your mental health.

In celebration of Mental Health Month in May, we’ve put together a list of seven ways to nurture your mental health with a visit to Grand Forks Public:

1. Relax with a good book.

Let’s start with the obvious. When you think of the library, you probably think of books. And you’re not wrong—we’re constantly adding to our collection. We have the latest and greatest stories for kids, teens, and adults. “The hunt” of finding your next read is an adventure in itself.

Plus, reading can positively impact your physical health, including:

2. Go for a walk with an audiobook.

Would you rather move while you take in a story? Check out our audiobooks! Listen while you go for a walk in the sunshine, or escape while you spring clean your house. Give your brain and body a boost with this pairing of movement and mental stimulation.

We have audiobooks on CDs, as well as a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction for all ages (kids included!) on Libby. Learn more.

3. De-stress with a video game.

Video games can help you let out some steam or simply escape from the stress of daily life. In fact, some experts say video games could help alleviate depression and anxiety (more info here). Plus, there’s a social aspect in many games that helps the gamer connect with new and old friends. Grand Forks Public has a large and growing collection of video games to check out, as well as dedicated space for gaming at the library!

4. Tap into your creativity with Creativebug.

Stressed? Burnt out? Exhausted? Why not try a little art therapy?

Maybe you used to love getting your hands dirty with paint and markers, but the fast pace of life has prevented you from picking up your favorite hobbies. Take a moment to disconnect and busy your hands with creative work! Let Creativebug inspire your next project. For free your library card, enjoy unlimited access to online art and craft video classes, available anytime, anywhere. Learn more.

5. Make new friends at book club.

Fight loneliness and connect with new like-minded, literary-lovers. Join a book club! Grand Forks Public offers seven monthly book clubs that are open to anyone. Or, maybe you already have a group of people who are interested in starting a book club? We also have Book Club in a Bag, which includes everything you need for a great discussion, all in one convenient tote bag. Learn more about these options. Simply conversing with others can do wonders to lighten your mood and give you a jolt of happiness.

6. Check out the Mezzanine Art Gallery.

Did you know the library has its own art gallery? The Mezzanine Gallery, located on the second-floor balcony, regularly features local artists and their creative passions for the community of Grand Forks. Take a moment to enjoy the art and give your brain a break. Plus, we’re always looking for new artists, so if you take up a new hobby and wish to display it, feel free to contact us! Learn more.

7. Take a moment to disconnect and simply be.

The library connects people to the world. And, we’re also a perfect place to disconnect. Go analog! Go wild! Kick it old-school! Take a moment to turn off the constant hum of notifications and simply stroll the stacks, taking life one moment at a time. Treat yourself to a library visit over your lunch break and feel yourself instantly relax and recharge.

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